Review Policy & Rating Guide

Review Policy

I make an effort to review every book I read, though sometimes I don’t review books for my course. Most of the books you’ll see on here are from NetGalley, or books I’ve picked up at charity shops. I rarely buy full-priced books nowadays.

I will happily accept most books, but have a preference for Science-Fiction and Dystopian novels. I’m also really interested in reading more poetry.

If you want to contact me about a book I might be interested in, email me at

Star Ratings

I’ve found recently that I’ve become far more picky with my reviews, especially regarding overused plot lines, plot holes and underdeveloped cliched characters. It does, of course, depends on the genre, but my rating system is generally this:

This book was amazing and blew my mind. It generally has something really unique and special about it. Basically perfect.

I really enjoyed it, but there was the odd thing that bugged me. But still a really good read, and would recommend it.

It was good, but nothing very special, may recommend but depends on the person. Books that are very typical of the genre often fall here.

It was really “meh”. Usually rather disappointed or frustrated at the books that I rate 2 stars.

“Hate” is such a strong word. But generally books only get a 1 star if I really really dislike it, and if I fail to find any redeeming qualities.