REVIEW: Good Morning, Midnight by Lily Brooks-Dalton


The world outside the observatory was silent, but the universe wasn’t.

I was so eager to get this book, and I did a little dance when I got the acceptance email from NetGalley and Orion Publishing, so thank you so much!

As always, Orion has pulled out another wonderful dystopian novel that really pulls at your heartstrings. Focusing on two people, a lone astronomer in the Arctic, and an astronaut returning from a trip to Jupiter, the focus is decidedly simple. What happens when the world goes silent? What happens when you think you’re the last person alive?

This focal concept leads to a relatively simplistic book, without the extremes and often exaggerated events and circumstances that comes along with dystopian fiction nowadays. Instead, we’re left with an honest look at two people, more interconnected than they think, with the weight of the world on their shoulders, but still decidedly removed from the population.

Both stories mirror and intertwine with each other, and Brooks-Dalton combines them beautifully. The novel’s sparse nature does not give way to a lack of feeling, and instead makes the story deeply personal, on such a small scale. Sully and Augustine present wonderful complex characters that bring the story to life.

At the end, I was left feeling slightly deflated. Part of me wanted to know what had happened to the rest of humanity, and instead the story finishes on quite an abrupt note. However, I do understand the effect, and I think it adds a level of poignancy and consideration to the end of the novel. And make sure you watch out for the last few lines. The simplicity and meaning of one word evokes a load of questions and wonderful tidbit at the end of the story to leave you mulling and questioning the events.

WHAT I LOVED: the remarkable simplicity, the beautiful cover, complex characters

WHAT I DISLIKED: the ending left me with so many questions???

Rating: four-stars


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