REVIEW: The Communication Room by Adam Aresty

cover88452-mediumThank you to NetGalley and Strange Fictions Press for a great read!

This novella really packed a punch and had me hooked until I’d finished it.

What really stands out in this book is how clever the narrative is. From one man and one room, we see the unfolding of an alien invasion that roughly followed that of our own history, but slanting it and changing it. We gain a history that is uncanny, all from a single point with a single perspective. From this, we don’t need a long rambling science fiction novel. Instead we get a fresh novella that is simple yet complex.

The pinpoints in history allow us to see the development and understanding of the invasion and the ‘conscripts’ that take over humans’ bodies. But at the same time, we’re brought back to humanity on a knife’s edge, about to fall and become no-more, from the man who could potentially be the last real human.

As any hasty exploration into a science-fiction world, I want more. I want to know more about the species. I want to know more about what happens afterwards. The ending is surprisingly blunt, and I’m left with a small sense of fulfillment. But the text works as a novella, and it really uses the shortness of the story to maximum effect. It packs a punch, and it does it quickly.

WHAT I LOVED: fast paced action, interesting narrative style

WHAT I DISLIKED: could have done with more depth

Rating: three-stars


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