REVIEW: You can’t bury them all by Patrick Woodcock

Thank you so much to NetGalley and ECW Press for giving me access to this book early!

cover78464-mediumI don’t usually read this type of poetry. I favor spoken word, and that may be why certain aspects of this collection didn’t really grip me.

First off, however, Patrick Woodcock’s style of writing is wonderful. It’s deep and complex and very emotive. In every sentence there are rich vibrant descriptions and comparisons. The strong imagery really makes these poems readable. Focusing on actions rather than feelings for the majority of the collection, his use of metaphors and similes really shines through.

All of this was read in lines and curves, dots and dashes.
I learned that sometimes art and language is best when juvenile and undressed.

I think what caught me out was the location-based nature of the poetry. The poetry that really captures me is often linked to the things I’m passionate about (LGBT history and rights, feminism etc), so the worlds of Iraq, the Northwest Territories and Azerbaijan were a very different and new type of exploration for me.

Nevertheless, I am aware that the majority of my distance from them is just due to personal preference. If you like vivid narration of the realities of the world, then this collection is definitely for you.

WHAT I LOVED: the strong, vibrant description

WHAT I DIDN’T LIKE: just isn’t the poetry for me

Rating: three-stars


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