REVIEW: Quarter Life Poetry by Samantha Jayne

789d4b4ccf2ef7aa7e8cce31cf831851Simple and brief, Samantha Jayne merges simple rhyming poetry with the realities of being in your mid-twenties and struggling with life.

I’m only 19, but a lot of what she wrote about rang true to me. I guessed leaving for uni would be the time of my life, but the reality is that I have too much reading and the most exciting part of my week is the £4 bottle of wine from Sainsburys…

I usually like poetry with a bit more substance, or at least a bit more hard hitting, but for what the poetry collection  is, it achieves what it aims to achieve: painfully relatable poetry for 20-somethings.

Jayne manages to capture the realistic averageness of life, expected to be the most fun and exciting time you’ll ever have. Instead, you’re struggling along with little money and for some reason, you’re not so excited about going out anymore. Jobs are hard to come by and you’re saddled with student debt.

Life after college
is a torturous trap
of full days of work
without one single nap.

The truthfulness is stark, but funny, and it’s an enjoyable set of poetry. As she says in her introduction, the perfect book to read while on the loo.

WHAT I LOVED: relatability, truthfulness

WHAT I DIDN’T LIKE: almost too simple?

Rating: two-stars


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